Certification & Hallmarking

The Importance of Certification

Natural rarity, cut of the diamond, its color & clarity along with its carat weight and finish determine the value of diamonds. Sometimes diamonds may look similar to the naked eye, yet, only an expert with powerful analytic tools can detect flaws that could make the real difference in terms of value and finish. A gemological certificate provides the real confidence to the buyer and the seller. It covers all details of the diamonds that have been examined and analyzed. It is imperative that diamond jewellery should always be accompanied such authentic certification whilst engaged in a transaction. An authentic gemology lab report is a must to build trust and confidence mutually in the minds of the buyer as well as the seller. Golden Street pays greater attention to the gemology certification so that all parties concerned have peace and happiness in the whole process of sale and purchase. Our jewellery is certified by International gemological labs like IGI( International Gemological Institute) and GIA( Gemological institute of America)


The Importance of Hallmarking

Hallmarking certifies that the piece of jewellery conforms to a set of standards laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standards organization of India. Hallmark on gold jewellery lends credibility to the purity of gold. It tells you the percentage of purity, among other things. Every Jewellery at Golden street product is crafted in 18K gold. After production, every piece of jewellery is sent for hallmarking to government recognized assayers (BIS). Every Golden street product will have the hallmark logo.